Some of My Recent Blunders

By iamned - Last updated: Saturday, May 23, 2009 - Save & Share - Leave a Comment

Despite being extremely wise, admittedly, not all of my recommendations or predictions have come to fruition.

S&P 500 is still a long way from my target of 980, which should have already been attained had it not been for a combination of bad retail sales numbers, a dismal fed economic forecast, and profit taking.

The DJIA should be at 12,000 because stocks are still very cheap and the US economy is fundamentally strong. People keep talking about deep recession, but I can’t see it.

In mid April I predicted Google would break out to $440 on a strong earnings report; it still trades below $400.

The white candle failed. Instead of the rally resuming stocks slumped for the remainder of the week.

Stocks unexpectedly dived in the last hour of trading yesterday, erasing the gains made in the futures that morning.

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