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Effective today due to a lack of interest the iamned blog will be closing.

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Interesting Finance Links #1

By iamned - Last updated: Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Here are some interesting finance related links that I dug up or were submitted to me. If you would like to submit a link to your blog/website read the criteria here.

US Stocks Surge On Consumer Confidence Report

Stock reaction to GM may be one of relief

Energy shares rise as broad market rallies

View of the Day: Higher oil won’t derail recovery

Stock Market Rally Over, Prepare for New Bear Market Lows

Dollar & Deleveraging Interventionism(or better TAX DOLLARS) at WORK , or why is the inverted TED Spread is praising that we have found the new holy land…..

S&P: Home prices fall by record 19.1 percent in 1Q (AP)

US consumer confidence leaps to 8-month high

Gold at an Inflection Point?

Why the FTSE’s rally is doomed

New Normal of 2% GDP Growth Coincides With Biggs

Does 2009 Bear an Uncanny Resemblance to 1938?

Falling Dollar Good For Google?

Happy Reading. Grab the RSS feed for instant updates.

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Submit Your Link To

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Now is your chance to spam iamned (well sort of). If you have an article that relates to finance, technical analysis, or economics I will post a link to it under a post called ‘cool links’ where your link will be displayed on the front page. It doesn’t matter if the article is bearish or bullish. The goal is to present differing, interesting viewpoints.

Just send an email to submit(at) with the URL of your article, title, your alias, and a brief description of the article.

This way you get a free back link from iamned, traffic, and exposure.

Tell your friends to submit their links, too.

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Monday Update: Futures Keep Rising; Chinese Accumulate Dollars

By iamned - Last updated: Monday, May 25, 2009

A modest rally in the futures is drawing the ire of short sellers all over the blogosphere. Apparently the North Korea nuke test is bullish, as evidenced by the rebound in Asian and European markets last night. Long MA POT and GOOG stock.


Business Insider, Henry Blodget’s blog, reported that China’s dollar reserves grew in March, putting a nail in the coffin for the ‘dumping dollars’ permabear myth. This is yet again another reason to buy & hold stocks.

In March alone, China’s direct holdings of US Treasury securities rose $23.7bn to reach a new record of $768bn, according to preliminary US data, allowing China to retain its title as the biggest creditor of the US government.

Why do the Chinese keep accumulating dollars? Because they have an economic surplus (remember their economy is till growing despite the supposed global recession), and therefore have no where else to park their money. Also, in order to avoid a catastrophic trade war they need to keep inflating their currency, which in turn helps relive the debt burden of the United States. If the Chinese start dumping dollars, we can respond buy not importing as much plastic crap, which would devastate their economy. It is this dependency that allows the United States to inflate its way to prosperity.

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