Iamned.com Mission Statement

In the past few months the content of iamned.com has shifted from SEO and internet marketing type advice to stock market and economic analysis. I am aware of this shift, and thats how I intend for it to be. I will occasionally write about online marketing, but the main focus of iamned.com will be on the stock market, web 2.0, lambasting websites that suck (such as wickedfire, commentgeeks.com, and bluehatseo), and the economy.

With regards to the stock market I firmly believe that making money in the stock market should be easy. The goal of the stock market is to make money, and if you buy the stocks that have a tendency to go up, have huge growth, and hold them for while, you will make vastly more money than over-leveraged daytraders. Some stock market blogs like slopeofhope.com make the process of stock trading needlessly difficult, complicated, and risky. You don’t need to trade options, invest in expensive software and hardware, or daytrade to make huge a lot of money with stocks.

In 2007 my ENTIRE portfolio rose 40%, far exceeding the market averages. I intend for 2008 to be a repeat of this stellar performance. Did I daytrade?..nope. All I did was buy and hold the stocks that went up, and made good money in the process.

Consider this: you buy $40K of MOS (The Mosaic Company)stock at $110 and it surges to $130. You’ve just made about %15 percent or about $6K with just a single buy order. Ok, I know I’m oversimplifying things because there is a possibility MOS could tank as with any investment, BUT if you look at the historical five year chart and the fundamentals behind the company, the odds favor it going much higher.

Thats how making money in the stock market should work. There is no need to waste time and money on multiple monitor setups, arcane trades, over-leverage, and slippage when you can just place a few buy and sell orders and make far more money for less risk. It is an established fact that at least 75% percent of daytraders will lose money, so what you think that with your high-tech, quad LCD setup you will be one of the few that succeed? The ‘primitive’ buy & holders are the ones making money, actually.

Another problem investors face is an over bombardment of information and news, the vast majority of which is trivial and misleading. One of my goals of iamned.com it to simply the vague, obfuscated world of the stock market into black and white. While platform, high-tech day traders over-scrutinize economic data, I simply the data in terms anyone can understand. When I write that “housing is not a big deal”, it isn’t a big deal. Instead of obsessing needlessly over housing or economic data you should just login to Etrade, Scottrade, and just buy some EWZ or other stock I recommend on iamned.com. By the time the economic data is released, the huge funds have already digested it. What makes you think that you can beat the pros with your home setup? It’s futile trying to trade the news because the pros already have you beat. Instead, buy the stocks that go up (which I recommend on iamned.com) on any dips and start making money.

In conclusion, first and foremost making money in the stock market should be easy. The main goal of iamned.com is to simply the confusing world of the stock market into recommendations normal, average people can understand.