Democrats Angry at Obama Regarding Lack of ‘Change’

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Fringe Democrats are furious at the stimulus, bailouts, and lack of job creation. This is not the ‘change we can believe in’ the original Obama supports had hoped for. They want the abolition of leverage, trading instruments, bonuses, and supposedly ‘predatory’ lending all together. They want more welfare programs and unemployment benefits.

These moonbats fail to realize that the US economy thrives on risk, globalism and free market capitalism. Banks should be able continue to provide mortgages to those who may be unable to pay them back, or taken advantage of by dubious fine print. It’s the responsibility of the borrower to understand the exact terms, instead of having the nanny state impose quasi-socialist regulations on lenders.

The ’shovel ready’ sales pitch was just a lie to sucker in democrats. And they fell for it hook line and sinker. Obama is a politician; what else would you expect? Shovel projects would just be a waste of time and money, anyway. Same for funding for education (high tech labor can be insourced from India and China, and low tech work can be outsourced to india & china, hence rendering public education obsolete) and environment, just to name a few examples of inefficient use of economic capital. Fortunately, the stimulus money is being used on high tech ventures, tax cuts, and bailing out the too big to fail, which creates economic value.

Amusingly, only 150,000 news jobs have been created/saved since the passage of the $700+ billion Economic Recovery Act. Even obama and his advisers realizes that too much employment isn’t necessarily good for the economy, as written in more detail here.

But there’s even more reason to cheer. According to CNN, Fox Business News, and CNBC the recession may already over. They are offering tips on how Americans can shop and invest in these supposedly ‘trying’ times. Why not heed their advice instead of pointing fingers at Obama, Geithner, and Bernanke over stuff you have no control over? Experts say that and Facebook .com are worth $10 billion and $40 billion respectively, but no web 2.0 bubble. Maybe they are right.

What ever happened to the commercial real estate bubble that was suppose burst two years ago? Or the credit card debt bubble? Hmmmm? Why do these bubbles refuse to pop? These are just a few questions for inquisitive minds to ponder.

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Comment from Peter
Time May 18, 2009 at 5:07 pm

Dow 14K soon? Age of entitlements over- more risk? My advice to you idiot is get your head out of your ass.

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