Deepest European Recession Since WW2 Not a Big Deal

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According to the Drudge Report, the Eurozone is in the deepest recession since world war two.


However, just two hours later the headline was pulled and replaced with minutiae such as Michael Phelps and Michelle Obama. I guess that means the deepest European recession since World War 2 just isn’t such a big deal, or at least not as important as Michael Phelp’s records. Why?


For one, the GDP numbers were released last Friday and the market’s reaction was muted
(because these numbers were already expected)

It’s ironic how the Eurozone is in a deeper recession than the United States despite having much higher personal savings rates. Aren’t we suppose to be the stupid, irresponsible ones who ‘got everyone into this mess’? So why is the United States running laps around Europe? In the United States our recoveries are ‘V shaped’ unlike that of Japan, France, or Germany whose economies are bogged down by fiscal conservativeness, consumer frugality, welfare programs, employer regulation, and higher taxes.

Stocks are gonna surge next week. That’s why you need to buy GOOG AAPL MA V BIDU RIMM EWZ
FXI and make money instead of being a loser who sites on the sidelines watching other people
make money. The fake financial crisis is over. The mental recession ended after 16 months, four to eight months shy of earlier estimates.

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3 Responses to “Deepest European Recession Since WW2 Not a Big Deal”

Comment from stats79
Time May 17, 2009 at 6:49 pm

Retrenchment begins tomorrow. If you are currently long, you lose money next week. Over the next year, market is going to make new lows.

Comment from Kevin
Time May 18, 2009 at 7:35 am

No No No…. buy FRZ, UYG, RTP, DOW, and FEED!!!

Nothings ever a big deal to the third wisest in the world!

Your right, when I see ads on TV about covering your car or house payment if you lose your job you know this is a BS recession.

As long as there is planet tans doing business there is no recession! I live in Texas, who the hell needs to go to a tanning booth in Texas!?

This bull market is going to freak everyone out and going to leave everyone behind - all they are doing is repeating the same ole, same ole - works everytime, standard procedures. Stocks are going to be pushed so high no ones going to be able to afford to get in!

We might pull back to 8K on the dow and 825 on the S&P but that would be a good thing cause you know its gonna explode!

The market has never gone down in the third year of a first term president, and I doubt its gonna change now.

At first I was doom and gloom but now Im the fourth wisest in the world!

Comment from NED IS TOAST
Time May 18, 2009 at 4:42 pm



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