The Short Trade is Over

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The short trade is over. Those who made their profits between 2007-2008 are covering at a profit, while dumb money is still holding out for another ’shoe to drop’. They still believe that Goldman Sachs is orchestrating some scheme to prop the up the market, despite huge earnings from unrelated companies like RIMM, GOOG,, and AAPL.

Poor fools are gonna lose all their money because they refuse to accept the fake financial crisis was ‘fixed’ by printing a trillion dollars (which won’t cost tax payers a penny, contrary to myth). The doom and gloom is over. Phones ringing off the hook from clients scrambling to reenter the market. Buy orders flooding the system; terminal displays peppered with green flickering arrows and boxes.

Here is how the S&P 500 will retest 1,500 within 2-3 years (screenshots were taken 2 weeks ago when the S&P was 35 points lower)


So called ‘lessons’ have been relinquished. Weren’t we supposed to learn something from the media generated crisis? The only ‘lesson’ to be learned is that humans cannot and will not learn lessons. Greed is retuning with a vengeance.

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