Open Table Surges on IPO Debut…Web 2.0 IPOs To Come?

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On a more positive note this week, Open Table (OPEN) went public and absolutely crushed expectations. Smartist, globalist, web 2.0 companies is where the economic growth is, and are leading the transition to a type 1 civilization. There is no recession or doom and gloom in Silicon Valley. No recession with social networking. Millions of people still logging into Facebook and Myspace every day. People aren’t reading the liberal biased newspapers, but are instead getting their news in succinct, bite-sized chunks from Twitter.

If Facebook went public it would be valued at $40 billion within six months of its IPO. The stock would triple within it’s first day of trading, and never look back. That’s because Facebook has huge traffic growth, immense profit potential, market dominance, and is immune to the mental recession and fake credit crunch. Accordingly, is worth $2 billion, $5 billion, and $15 billion.

Despite these lofty valuations, Web 2.0 is by no means a bubble. If any of these companies went public I would buy the stock as soon as trading commences, regardless of price. As evidenced by the success of the Open Table IPO, no lessons were learned from the first dot com boom; investors are amiable to shelling out big premiums for growth.

In addition, we need to ensure that the wealth gap widens, while older workers are outsourced or downsized so that innovation isn’t hindered. A dynamic, youthful, technologically proficient workforce is a prerequisite for economic global growth, technological synergy and singularity.

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