Keeping America Great by Promoting Pro-Growth Policies

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I believe in keeping America great. I believe that our leaders should do what is in the best interests of the American people and the economy in order for America to remain the greatest land on Earth. The greatness of America also depends on its citizens doing their part as well.

Controversy aside, the past eight years of George W. Bush has lead to economic prosperity. The DJIA bottomed at 8,000 in 2002 a year after Bush entered office, and even in the wake of the worst fake financial crisis in hundred years it is STILL twenty five percent higher. Since 2001 there has yet to be a single negative quarter of GDP growth. That is irrefutable proof that George Bush’s policies of cheap labor, deregulation, free trade, globalism, and military spending has been very beneficial to the economy. As I have reiterated many times before on we need to elect McCain because he will uphold the same pro-growth values of George Bush.

We need to bailout the financial institutions and promote free market capitalism. Obama , on the other hand, is for protectionism and isolationism even if he doesn’t say so outright. We need to drive the dollar lower so that the price of oil, food , and gas rises even more. A falling dollar and rising commodity prices is actually good for the economy. Between 2002 and 2007 during the last bull market oil, gold, food, and gas prices all surged. There is a strong statistical correlation between rising commodities and the stock market.

American citizens need to do their part and refrain from complaining about unaffordable health care, rising tuition, expensive food, the war in Iraq ‘going on too long’, rising unemployment, and four dollar gallon gas. They need to stop complaining about Paulson’s $700 billion dollar bailout, and instead rally behind it. It is essential that the bailout is passed because it will help perpetuate Bush’s pro-growth economic policies of increased deficit spending and a cheap dollar. American citizens need to vote for McCain and need to continue to max out their credit cards. We need to keep clicking Google ads so that Google stock goes higher and buying ipods, blackberries, and iphones.

We need to widen the wealth gap, spend more, save less, and increase our credit card debt. We need to ensure that affordable education and healthcare isn’t a right but a privilege. We need to insource and outsource more labor and encourage companies to cut back on expensive, unnecessary employee benefits. Instead of offering tax breaks for companies that keep jobs in America, Obama should offer tax breaks for companies that close factories and ship the jobs overseas. That is how you promote global economic growth. That is how you keep America great.

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Comment from Jesse
Time December 14, 2008 at 5:01 pm

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