What We Should Expect From Obama

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Ever get the impression that Obama tries to hard when he debates or gives speeches? He is too meticulous, articulate, and knowledgeable. He always tries to weigh both sides of an issue instead of simply answering the question with a yes or no. When Obama is asked a difficult question it apparent by the tone of his voice that he is perturbed and insulted. Then he spews a bunch of facts and figures, and tries to make some sort of sarcastic joke that falls flat. I suggest to Obama that during the Mississippi debate he phrase his answers into easily digestible sound bites and leave the joke telling to McCain. Although McCain’s jokes may be lame they always elicit laughter from the audience.

Hopefully during the debate Obama will be asked about being a Muslim because that is still a valid issue. In order for American citizens to make a truly informed decision on November 4th there need to be additional questions regarding Reverend Wright, flag lapel pins, lipstick on a pig, Michelle Obama finally being proud to be an American, terrorist fist jabs, shady real estate deals, and bitter Americans that cling to guns, their religion, and the constitution.

Nevertheless, no matter how much Obama talks about “change you can believe in” (whatever that means) it doesn’t change the fact that that Obama is still opposed to free trade/free market capitalism, increased defense spending, outsourcing, and tax cuts for the highest income earners. These aren’t American values. These aren’t the values that the hard working, working white Americans share; a demographic Obama needs to win. There is compelling evidence that Hillary would have made a superior democrat nominee because she does believe in free market capitalism, defeating our enemies through force versus negotiation, and she has the support of hard working Americans.

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Comment from jeff
Time March 19, 2009 at 7:47 am

obama was good in economy and stockmarket]

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