Obama Set to Debate McCain in Mississippi (and lose)

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If there are two things liberals a good at it is complaining and losing. Liberals constantly bemoan the imaginary credit crunch/crisis, the fake recession, the non housing bubble, the rising oil, the rising gas prices, the rising consumer debt, and the war in Iraq ‘going on too long’, are just a handful of examples.

Liberal politicians are also adept at losing, a skill that will be put to test when Obama debates McCain on September 26th at the University of Mississippi. This will be the first debate between Obama and McCain, and therefore the stakes will be very high and the media coverage will be intense. The obstacles that Obama faces in this debate are the same that he encountered during the Rick Warren interview, which is that Obama gives rambling, scholarly answers that are heavily laden with liberal, anti-American, socialist rhetoric. Also working against Obama is the fact that McCain is a war hero and good American, while Obama and Michelle belittle small towns people who cling to guns, religion, and the constitution.

For the past six months McCain has been conveying his energy, economic, and foreign policy solutions though his townhall meetings. Obama, on the other hand, was busy calling people bitter while shopping for Arugula at Whole Foods. Numerous times McCain offered Obama the opportunity to debate him in one of these townhall meetings, but Obama refused. Why? Because Obama’s platforms are innefective, socialist, and anti-free market.

During the debate McCain will crush Obama on the issue of Energy. Obama has no solution to rising gas and rising oil while McCain supports offshore drilling and nuclear power. True, the oil may not be on line for ten years, or that the rigs are unsightly and detrimental to the environment, and the increase in supply may only shave a nickel off the price of gas, but that doesn’t matter. Atleast McCain is offering solutions, which is resuring to voters. Voters want defense/security (Invade Iran), more money (tax cuts for the rich), family values (teen pregnancy), and gas tax hollidays. They don’t care about such trivialities as the environment, rising deficits, or wire tapping.

There virtually no way Obama can come out ahead in this debate and the election. Perhaps if Obama changed his platform to support all forms of oil drilling such as opening up the Alaska Wildlife Refuge, advocating teenage pregnancy, giving tax breaks for oil companies, invading Iran, and raising the deficit to bail out financial institutions he could resonate better with working, hard-working Americans, white Americans. After all, as I wrote yesterday huge bailouts are good for wallstreet, middle America, the economy, and the free market. And Hillary DID win the popular vote. According to the polls it’s proving to be fortunate for McCain that Obama still doesn’t get it.

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Comment from jeff
Time March 18, 2009 at 6:13 am

obama was good in the economy and stockmarket,

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