Market Surges. Ned is Right Cause Ned Knows Everything

By iamned - Last updated: Friday, September 19, 2008

I blogged yesterday that the bear market of 2007-08 had bottomed out while the dow was trading at 10,600. As of this afternoon Jow Jones Industrial Average is up a staggering 800 points since I made my call. Predictably, protectionist, pro-Obama, anti-freemarket liberals are heavily criticising Paulson’s bailout plans and the SEC bans on shortings. More importantly, however, is why was Ned right.

Ned was right because Ned knows how stocks work and how the markets work. Ned sees things other overlook. When Ned say it is time 2 buy he is usually right. Ned knows we’re in the smartist, globalist era of web 2.0, hyper-capitalism, free trade, spendism, consumerism, and paymentism lead by The Creators of the new world order. Ned knows that McCain is going to win and that that the stock market will react favorably in anrticipation to McCain’s victory. (Read Ned’s smartist era Q&A here to learn more)

The goal of The Creators of the new world order is to lead humanity’s transition to a type one civilization. In order to perpeturate this outcome it is vital that the Ben and Paulson continue to bail out financial companies and impose bans on shorting and possibly impose bans on placing sell orders to ensure that stocks go up, the dollar falls, food, gas and oil prices rise, and the wealth gap widens. This is good for free market capitalism and the economy. A falling dollar and rising inflation benefits technology, commodity, and credit card stocks, and middle class Americans.

We need to elect McCain who will perpetuate the war in Iraq and invade Iran. If wallstreet isn’t bailout out the type one transition will be delayed and the smartist prophecy won’t be fullfilled. And when wallsteet prospers so does mainstreet. But you won’t hear that from the doom and gloom woe is me Obama campaign who are opposed to economic growth and want the government to interfeare with the free market.

It is confounding how these lefties have the audacity to criticise Pauslon. Paulson does care about the best interest of Americans and the economy. Instead of complaining people need to continue to keep spending and do their patriotic duty of voting for McCain on November 4th.

Google stock is surging again. I HIIIIGHHLYYY recommend buying google. Google and Facebook are leading the transition to the type one civilization. And Facebook is still worth $30 billion and Web 2.0 is not a bubble.

My target is 600-650 easily.
And in one decade: $4000 a share
google will have a market cap of 3 trillion
And control all media through all mediums on plant earth
And revenue will be bigger than all other media and internet companies combined.
100 billion yearly revenue. Market cap 1-3 trillion.



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I’m Calling An Official Bottom

By iamned - Last updated: Thursday, September 18, 2008

I’m going out on a limb by calling an Official Bottom to the the 2007-08 bear market. Typically bear markets last only a couple years and lead to a 30 percent retracement, and we’re close to those markers.

Here is screenshot of the nadir:

As I wrote many times before the US economy is fundamentally strong and a McCain victory is certain. Stocks will rally in the coming months on the prospects that a McCain victory will continue George W. Bush’s successfull pro-growth, pro-wall street economic innitiatives. Contrary to the boo hoo hoo liberals George Bush was good for the economy and stock market. The S&P surged from 800 a year after he took office to a high of 1565. It is still well above 800.

When Bush invaded Iraq in April 2003 stocks entered a bull market that lasted until october 2007, on the heels of a cheaper dollar, increased exports, and rising commodity prices. McCain will likely invade iran, which will create a catalyst for a repeat of the last bull market. Oil will hit $200, the dollar will crater, gas and food prices will surge, and globalist, smartist stocks that benefit from a cheap dollar and exports such as Google, Apple, Rimm, Potash, and Mastercard will lead the market substancially higher.

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The Economy is Still Fundamentally Strong

By iamned - Last updated: Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Stocks are selling off yet again, but this is still a very good buying opportunity since the fundamentals of the economy are actually quite strong. Consumer spending is holding up very well inspite of rising gas, oil, food and and a fake recession and imaginary credit crisis. Also, personal income and worker productivity continues to rise. This is important because as long as consumers are able to put in longer hours at work and become more productive it will help offset economic weakness.

In addition, exports are rising, aided by a cheap dollar and booming globalist demand for commodities, machinery, technology services such as ipods, blackberries, and google click ads. Credit card spending is still shows no signs of slowing. Consumers will continue to max out their cards and incur more debt to maintain their standard of living. It is this propensity for spending, as well as increased productivity and rising wages which has helped stave off a textbook recession, versus the mental recession we’re in now.

Insourcing and outsurcing of labor has also helped bolster the economy. By laying off expensive American workers and cutting back on costly unncessasry expenses such as pensions, dental plans, and medical leave multinational companies can increase thier profit margins, which in turn helps the stock market. The insourced workers contriubte to the US economy by purchasing American goods such as ipods and computers, and food. In the end, cheap labor policies of insourcing, outsourcing, and elliminating unnecessary employee benefits helps everyone.

Keep in mind that unemployment and layoffs can be good for the economy because it helps expand the production possibility frontiers curve. Although the national unemployment numbers may seem dire if you listen the woe is me Obama campaign, the type of unemployment we are experiencing is frictional unemployment; unemployment that comes from people moving between jobs, careers, and locations. Laying off unskilled workers and outsourcing/insourcing increases the incentive for people to improve their skills and perform more productive work, which leads to new technologies and an expanded economy.

In an effort to keep labor cheap McCain has released bi lingual ads advocating guest worker programs. Has Obama done so? Nope because he is a protectionist who wants to see the economy suffer under a socialst agenda.

The best advice is to buy stocks such as GOOG AAPL MOS POT PCX EWZ V MA on the dips anbd ignore the pro-Obama recession crybabies who are spreading undue fear and protectionist propoganda.

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Oil Surging, Futures Up Huge; McCain Rally is Real

By iamned - Last updated: Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I’m not going to get into the habit of updating the blog compulsively, but the US index futures are up around seven-tenth of a percent. That is AFTER the indexes surged 1.3 percent in regular trading. Oil is up a whopping three percent. This is the McCain rally in full affect.

Expect oil to hold steady around $95-105 until a few weeks before the election. Then it will rally when it becomes evident by traders that McCain will win, and an Iran invasion is priced in. The reason why oil will remain rangebound until a few weeks before the election is because surging oil and rising gas doesn’t make the McCain campaign looks good, and gives fodder for Obama’s socialist agenda. The smarties need to keep a lid on oil and gas till after the election. On November 4th after the electoral votes are tallied expect the contract to limit up.

The McCain weak dollar, globalist, free trade rally is real. Thats why the markets surged today and the futures are up. The financial crisis is self-limited becuase the US and global consumer purchasing power is still very robust. Short at your peril.

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